12 Stage Process

Step 1
The exterior of the bath and feet are stripped to bare metal to remove the existing paint and any rust deposits.

Step 2
A metal primer is applied to the exterior surface of the bath and feet.

Step 3
The interior of the bath is etched providing a key for the primer in the original vitreous enamel.

Step 4
Imperfections in the baths’ surface are repaired and any modifications, such as the relocation of tap holes, are carried out.

Step 5
An epoxy primer is applied and then left to cure for 48 hours.

Step 6
The primer finish is prepared for the special mid coat.

Step 7
The mid coat is applied and then left to cure for 48 hours.

Step 8
The mid coat is prepared in readiness for the topcoat.

Step 9
The polyurethane-based enamel topcoat is applied and left to cure for a further 48 hours.

Step 10
The enamel is now hand sanded and mechanically polished to give a smooth and high glossed finish.

Step 11
The exterior of the bath can then be completed with another coat of metal primer and, if required, two coats of a colour of your choice. (with 24 hours between coats). We recommend Dulux Satin Wood, (oil based).

Step 12
The bath is now waxed and wrapped in readiness for delivery, or for you to collect.