A valuable piece of your bathing experience

It is incredibly hard to deny the appeal of the ever so popular freestanding cast iron bathtub. They can be a valuable piece of your bathing experience. With our cast iron baths, you can choose a stunning model that you will fall in love with. You may think that freestanding cast iron baths are purely for classical homes. However, they work well in just about any contemporary property. In fact you can even see them in the most luxurious modern hotels. The key is not the type of bath; it is how well it fits in with your decor. We can assist you with this. We have plenty of tips to share because we have years of experience.

The beauty of this style of bath is how the look is perfect for many settings. It is suitable for both traditional and contemporary rooms. The use of claw feet looks classic and can create the illusion of more space.

You have a lot of freedom with the placement of these tubs. This is so long as the pipe work allows for it. You can achieve a stunning look that shows off your lovely centrepiece and complements the rest of the room. It offers a more spacious feel than other baths. You can create a tranquil and relaxing space. There are a number of choices available that all create a luxury aesthetic.

Cast iron baths are now much more widely available and easily installed than they were in the Victorian Era. Clawfoot tubs, in particular, are much revered and desired bathtubs. We can provide you with the beautiful cast iron bath of your dreams at a very affordable price. When people imagine an opulent, traditional bathroom, they probably imagine a double ended bath with clawed feet as the focal point. Cast iron baths, being ‘cast’ and worked with tools are never quite as ‘perfect’ as other materials in terms of the finish that is achieved on the outside and around the edges of the bath and this is part of their undeniable charm. They’re perfect for recreating an authentic vintage look in your bathroom and are particularly eye-catching. Another benefit to this bath material is that cast iron is extremely durable, resistant to damage and marking.