Care and maintenance for your antique bath

We often get asked about how much work goes into owning cast iron baths. The truth is it’s a great product that’s actually very easy to maintain. With simple maintenance you can be sure your bath stays as new for years to come.

Despite how tough these baths are, you do need to use gentle cleaning methods. This will prolong the looks for years to come.

What to avoid

Anything acidic and abrasive will damage the surface. The exterior will eventually require refinishing if you use the wrong products. Be careful with bath mats, tidy trays across the bath, dripping taps and be extra careful with Essential Oils in your bath, this will need thorough cleaning/wiping to remove residue.

A new coating can be expensive but its built to last if you look after it properly. We are happy to advise our customers on other options for ‘Buffing & Polishing’ the enamel to bring back the lovely shine on your bath.

Once you have finished bathing, you should clean and dry the tub with with a rinse. The non-porous vitreous enamel coating will keep inside the bath free of limescale and soap residue for fast and simple cleaning. To get rid of the soap marks a damp cloth should be enough. If the stain are stubborn simply fill the bath with warm water and drop some washing up liquid in there and allow to sit for about 30 minutes. Then, wipe it down with a dry cloth for a great finish.

In terms of the exterior just do your best to keep it clean and dry. If there are water drips or condensation, wipe it down. Use soft cloths whether you are wiping away moisture or cleaning up dust.