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You find yourself wanting to redesign your tired bathroom. Whilst searching the internet for inspiration you stumble across a slipper bath. What is a slipper bath I hear you ask. It’s a perfect freestanding bath for your new bathroom. Here at Antique Bathrooms we source, supply and restore all types of Victorian baths

Cast Iron Slipper Bath

Origins of the slipper bath

This bath originated in the 1800s and the iconic shape owes its origins to the bath and washhouses of the Victorian era. The Victorians discovered that cleanliness was in fact close to godliness in the fact that being clean seemed to slow down the spread of diseases.

Slipper baths allowed people to bathe themselves in hot or cold water, and later found their way into domestic settings. Thanks to modern plumbing, they are still popular today.

The idea of the slipper bath meant that one end could be deeper than the other. The taps would be located in the shallower end. This gives the bather space to relax at the deep end. Depending on one’s size, he or she may be able to lie down in the bath, or sit up using the gently sloping back as a support. This design also gives the bather some amount of privacy which would have been useful at a public washhouse. The design also enabled the bather to bathe longer as the water stayed hotter for longer.

An iconic style that originates from the Victorian era

Unlike the modern bath, the cast iron slipper bath is a free standing unit and looks good in the middle of a bathroom. Most traditional baths of the era had legs raising the bath off the floor and the edges are usually roll top, This was to make getting in and out easier. A classic slipper bath is oblong in shape, and from the side it actually looks vaguely like a slipper.

Small slipper bath

It has an iconic style that originates from the Victorian era. Like the roll top bath the cast iron slipper bath features a rolled top, following traditional form the bath would be raised from the floor on four feet. A variation is the double ended slipper bath, also known as a boat bath and a small slipper bath for when space is limited.  The slipper bath features one end which is slightly deeper than the other with a slight dip in the middle, the shape of the bath allows for extra support allowing you to bathe and relax in comfort.

In the Victorian era this bath was made from cast iron with an enamel coating. Nowadays slipper baths are available in a variety of materials including acrylic and steel, whilst many modern slipper baths feature classic traits of 19th century styling, slipper baths are now available in a range of designs to suit not only traditional but contemporary bathroom designs.

Photo of a slipper bath waiting to be restored

Double ended slipper bath variation

There is a variation and that is the double ended slipper bath.  Both ends are raised and there is a dip in the centre. This creates a symmetrical appearance if that is what you desire. They are great for a relaxing bath sharing experience. Designed to accommodate bathers facing each other. Typically both ends of the bath are identically sloped to provide back support, making it comfortable for the bather to sit and lounge in the bath. It will offer double the luxury ensuring optimal levels of relaxation and due to their design require less water to fill them.

double ended slipper bath

Freestanding slipper bath, more visual space around the tub

Typically this bath is oblong in shape and comes in different sizes, designed to make bathing more comfortable, and to create a desired stylish look. At Antique Bathrooms we source and restore a large range of freestanding baths including freestanding slipper baths, featuring striking designs and colours in beautiful finishes to suit both traditional and contemporary bathrooms.

Freestanding slipper baths can sit along a wall but they look their best when they have space to shine. These baths are so pretty from every angle why hide that fact. A freestanding bath allows more visual space around the tub and gives it a centre stage design. When considering placing your freestanding slipper bath centrally, you must plan ahead.  You will need room to manoeuvre around your bathroom freely with all the other bathroom furniture you have. Making a template of the shape and size you need would benefit you and save heartache when it doesn’t fit. Remember exposed pipes are ugly do not spoil the atmosphere with a whole load of pipes on view.

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