Antique bathtub in the bedroom

Ever considered a roll top bathtub in your bedroom? This may seem odd to some but an antique bath in the bedroom could look stunning and be very luxurious. Expensive hotels can do it so why can’t you? With our range of cast iron baths, your dream could become reality.

Bathrooms in some houses can be very small and have only the space for a shower. This is a perfect opportunity to add the bathtub in your bedroom if you have the space. This needs thinking through as the bathtub needs to look like its been there forever.  It needs to look seamless.  We can source all types of roll top baths, there will be one to fit.

You can choose where the bath ends up. Why not make it a centrepiece.  Why not consider using clear or frosted glass doors.  Some people prefer to bath by the window, but make sure you have a privacy screen if you are in a built up area, you don’t want to upset your neighbours.

For more privacy, make the space your own by placing your bath in a bedroom.  For storage as all you need is a small storage unit near the bathtub with some nice colour towels.

Get in contact with Antique Bathrooms to fully transform your bathing experience.  We are happy to advise on all aspects of our freestanding cast iron baths and help you make the perfect choice for your bedroom.