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Restored roll top bath

Another testimonial from one of our customers Hi Alison and Stefan, I have finally got my house to myself as builders just finishing this week. Attached photo of your fabulous work on my bath. It really is a triumph and worth all the effort and logistics involved. Thanks for doing it so well.”  Emma

Antique bath “re-loved” for another satisfied client

Another lovely email from a satisfied customer… Just sending a recent photo of our bath after it’s been re-loved by yourselves! Thank you for the overflow blank which we received last week. Really pleased with the wonderful work you did, it’s great to have a relaxing soak after the weeks of absence. 10 out of…
cast iron roll top bath

A beautiful single ended French cast iron roll top bath

This lovely client in London has had so much building upheaval, with one issue after another, so it was a welcome sight to see their bath choice – a beautiful single ended French Cast Iron Roll Top Bath, looking absolutely amazing in their finished bathroom. We are delighted for them and think the end result…
cast iron roll top bath feet

Different style feet for your antique bath

Just when we think we’ve come across all the styles of feet on these beautiful antique baths, we find some more …. Plain, decorative, classic or unusual. Every style has a fan and every style maketh the bath.
cast iron roll top bath

Plunger baths just arrived and waiting on a full restoration.

If you’re looking for a large fully intact antique cast iron bath with the added feature of plunger and matching taps, look no more. We have just bought three! One with chrome fittings and the other two in brass. Dimensions vary from 195cm – 183cm long by 750cm – 800 cm wide. These baths will…
antique roll top bath

A lovely finished bath

Hi Alison, finally I can send you a photo of the bath insitu. It’s great! Thank you!
cast iron baths

Another happy customer

We have recently received these words and some images of a bath restored by us and delivered to another happy customer. Morning Alison,   I know it’s been a while since the  bath was delivered back to me, but as I have done all the work in the bathroom myself at weekends it taken a…
antique cast iron baths

Lambourne Bath coming soon!

Very old cast iron roll top bath with molded/welded on feet splayed at low level – no enamel and most likely just lead painted. Will be totally transformed over the coming weeks and will be a joy to see it come back to life! Watch this space.
cast iron bath tub

A valuable piece of your bathing experience

It is incredibly hard to deny the appeal of the ever so popular freestanding cast iron bathtub. They can be a valuable piece of your bathing experience. With our cast iron baths, you can choose a stunning model that you will fall in love with. You may think that freestanding cast iron baths are purely…
cast iron bathtub

Care and maintenance for your antique bath

We often get asked about how much work goes into owning cast iron baths. The truth is it’s a great product that’s actually very easy to maintain. With simple maintenance you can be sure your bath stays as new for years to come. Despite how tough these baths are, you do need to use gentle…
cast iron bathtub

Cast Iron Bathing Experience

A bathing experience isn’t just about getting clean, its about the feeling you get when taking a bath. This is because the bathing experience is one of the most relaxing things we can do, especially with our busy lifestyles. If you are looking for the best bath time you may have come across cast iron…
french roll top bath - bayard

Antique bathtub in the bedroom

Ever considered a roll top bathtub in your bedroom? This may seem odd to some but an antique bath in the bedroom could look stunning and be very luxurious. Expensive hotels can do it so why can’t you? With our range of cast iron baths, your dream could become reality. Bathrooms in some houses can…