A cast iron bath, ideal for small bathrooms

View our range of small cast iron baths

It can be difficult choosing a cast iron bath for small bathrooms.  Many properties are designed with the bathroom as more of a practical room. If you are a fan of our lovely victorian cast iron baths, you’ll know that bathroom space will always be at a premium!

Luckily, we usually have stock of baths which have been specifically designed for smaller bathrooms but keeping the classic look.

It is not just the compact design that makes these roll top baths the perfect choice for smaller bathrooms.  The larger style claw feet means that more of the floor space is is exposed which invariably can make the bathroom appear larger.

Also consider the French Sitz Bath at just 1090mm x 690mm and stands 730mm high.  A very unusual design.  Paired with a vintage shower or tap set, these baths really do stand out.

Our baths are also available in any colour of your choosing.  The exterior and feet can be painted in the colour of your choice.

Over the years we’ve been contacted by a lot of people who loved the look and style of our cast iron roll top baths, but didn’t have the space to fit one into their bathrooms. We are a customer-driven business and if someone enquires about a product that we don’t currently offer, we look into the possibility of introducing one to meet their requirements.”

These baths may be small, but are incredibly bold and stylish in their own right.  Even the smallest of bathrooms can look amazing!