Traditional bathroom ideas

Cast Iron Traditional Baths

Our unique range of cast iron baths provide a touch of sophistication to any bathroom they are installed.  They are timeless pieces that can ultimately be used for generations and they will never look out of place.

These superb examples of cast iron baths come in a range of shapes, styles and colours with a choice of finish for the feet finish of your choice to ensure that you get the ideal bath to compliment your room.  These stunning, elegant baths have a high quality finish and are an excellent way of giving an authentic point of focus and a touch of sophistication to your any room.

These cast iron baths naturally give your bathroom the ‘wow’ factor and supply you with a perfect environment to enjoy a relaxing soak after a long hard day at the office! The ultimate addition to any luxury bathroom.

Traditional, original styles remain popular for bathrooms especially in combination with more modern bathroom design features.  If you are designing a bathroom for a Victorian or Edwardian property, consider choosing traditional features in addition to more contemporary items.

A bold freestanding bath

Our pieces are timeless, and make a large visual impact. Freestanding baths are a popular addition to any period bathroom.  To design a space with a unique feel, we prefer the idea of opting for a more traditional shaped bath with a very strong coloured finish.

traditional bathroom ideas from antique baths

Consider a dark scheme

Does your bathroom have high ceilings?  You also probably have a large amount of natural light.  If so, why not try a darker, more dramatic scheme.

antique bathroom ideas

Muted beige colour schemes

A very subtle colour scheme that works anywhere.  Beige is an easy way to create a formal bathroom which still looks very impressive.

antique bathrooms

Opt for a neutral scheme to show off exposed beams

Your bathroom may have exposed beams and other original features.  If so, try opting for a neutral scheme that allows these stand out.

traditional bathroom ideas

Pick paintwork that draws out the tones of floor tiles

Patterned floor tiles have seen an increase in popularity over recent years.  These are now readily available in a variety of patterns and colours.  They are a great option for showing a bathroom’s history, while adding personality.

All our cast iron baths come with guarantees to give you peace of mind and include delivery to the mainland UK.